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Payment Methods

Walk Japan keeps a multi-currency bank account with HSBC in Hong Kong, with funds credited in the same currencies that they are remitted in. A significant majority of our expenses are in Japanese Yen (JPY), and as such this is the currency that we invoice in by default, and the currency in which most customers pay us.

How to pay Walk Japan in Japanese Yen (JPY)

Our customers, with the assistance of their bank, generally do not find the process of sending us JPY by bank/wire transfer overly onerous. However, an additional competitive option for sending JPY is to use a specialist foreign exchange and payments company such as

  • Bank/Wire Transfer

When paying by bank/wire transfer please:

i) state your name as well as the invoice number.

ii) send us a copy of your payment advice slip by e-mail to help us speed up confirmation of receipt of your payment.

Kindly also make sure that you bear all fees and charges.

Account name: Walk Japan Limited

Account number: 808-351357-838


Bank address: HSBC Main Building, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Swift code (also known as BIC code): HSBCHKHHHKH

-Where an eight-character SWIFT code and a three-character branch code is required, the SWIFT code should be entered as HSBCHKHH, and the branch code as HKH.

-Where a three-digit branch number and a nine-digit account number is required, the branch numbershould be entered as 808 and the account number as 351357838.

  • Bank Draft

If you wish to pay us by bank draft in JPY, please purchase the draft from your bank and mail it together with a copy of your invoice to us at our address below. We recommend using a registered/recorded mail service to do so.

  • Credit Card

Walk Japan accepts JPY credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) in partnership with Trust My Travel, a company that specialises in travel payment management and protection. To cover processing costs, Walk Japan will apply a 2.5% surcharge to all credit card payments. This method is recommended for relatively small payments, where the surcharge can be less than bank/wire transfer fees, and also for those customers who gain significant insurance and/or additional residual benefits through payment by credit card.

How to pay Walk Japan in your local currency.

  • Bank/Wire Transfer, Bank Draft or Personal Cheque

Please let us know if you wish to pay in your local currency by bank/wire transfer, bank draft or personal cheque, and we will reissue your invoice accordingly. When doing so, we will add 3% to the market exchange rate (as per at the time of reissuing the invoice. This helps us cover costs associated with exchanging other currencies into JPY (the currency that we use to pay for your tour), as well as the currency risk associated with accepting non-JPY payments. The currency risk element is particularly relevant to payments by personal cheque, which necessarily take some time to reach us, and can subsequently take many weeks to clear.

When paying by bank draft or cheque please:

i) make your bank draft or cheque out to Walk Japan Limited.

ii) mail your bank draft or cheque, with a copy of your invoice, to our address below. We recommend using a registered/recorded mail service to do so.

Finance Department, Walk Japan Limited

1401 Chung Wai Commercial Building, 447-9 Lockhart Road

Hong Kong SAR

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

Walk Japan’s credit card processor, Trust My Travel, supports Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). This means that when you receive a link for secure online payment in JPY, Trust My Travel will also provide the option to make payment in a wide selection of major currencies. In addition to the Visa and Mastercard facility that is valid for all currencies, choosing to pay in AED, AUD, EUR, GBP and USD will also enable you to make payment using an American Express credit card. Please note that if you choose to pay by credit card in a currency other than JPY, then the exchange rate will be set by Trust My Travel, rather than your credit card provider.

We understand that banking arrangements can differ from person to person and country to country. However, we hope that you find the above of use. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.