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Discover Oita 

Walk Japan has been tasked with writing the ‘travel bible’, literally so, on Oita, which is certainly one of Japan’s most attractive travel destinations. In 2018, we created and have since been continually enhancing Discover Oita, the prefecture’s official English-language website. In common with our pioneering tours, this website is leading the way in successfully publicising Japanese regional tourism in a knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining fashion. Have look for yourself.

We have been pioneering quality small-group tours to lesser-known but very attractive regions across Japan since 1992. The Japanese countryside and its life has long been ingrained in everything that we do, so much so that we established the centre of our Japanese land-based operations - our home-from-home - on the Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita Prefecture when our CEO moved to this beautiful rural area in 2002.

His enthusiasm for Oita led to our very popular Kunisaki Trek, Kunisaki & Yufuin Walk, Kunisaki Retreat, Self-guided Kunisaki WayfarerOita Hot Spring Trail, and Onsen Gastronomy: Oita & Kumamoto tours. We also run some of our school tours on the Kunisaki Peninsula, which is also home to our Community Project. This long-term, growing and successful endeavour, which provides solutions and the drive for rural revival, is visited on most of our tours to Kunisaki.

We are very sure about our skills and experience in creating great tours throughout Japan including in Oita. If you plan to visit Japan make sure to browse through this website and the Discover Oita website - we are sure you will be intrigued - and contact us for assistance in realising your dream time in Japan and Oita.

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