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Sample Programmes for School Trips

Our school trips provide the means for all participants to enjoyably learn about and understand a wide variety of aspects of Japan including its culture, society, history and people. Our Tour Leaders ably draw out the vividness of our host nation by placing all we see, experience and do in understandable, appreciable contexts through interesting and enjoyable activities.

Please find here below samples of our school programmes that can be used as is by a school or tailored to requirements:

Nakasendo Way: Japan on Foot. A programme based on the Nakasendo Way, which was once one of two main thoroughfares connecting Kyoto to Tokyo and mainly used during the Edo Period (1604-1868).

Guide Price: (Land, 20 students + 2 guardians FOC) JPY180,000 per student.

Kunisaki: Revival in Rural Japan. Very much a hands-on, experiential programme on the Kunisaki Peninsula in west Japan and deeply centred on Walk Japan’s Community Project and the local community. Activities include working with the local farmers, planting trees and helping with harvests, home-stays and generally involving ourselves with the communities as we help them revive this delightful area.

Guide Price: (Land, 20 students + 2 guardians FOC) JPY180,000 per student.

Okinawa: Life and Culture on Japan's southern islands. Students are exposed to the customs and beliefs here which remain distinct from those of the Japanese mainland. Excursion to nearby Tokashiki Island offers some of the more enjoyable aspects of island life; its crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkelling and kayaking (weather permitting).

Guide Price: (Land, 20 students + 2 guardians FOC) JPY175,000 per student.

West Japan: Exploration of Culture & Society. This programme takes us through two of Japan’s four main islands, Kyushu and Honshu. We visit some well-known cities including Hiroshima and Kyoto, but also journey through the Inland Sea to spend time in the less well-known, off-the-beaten-track area of the Kunisaki Peninsula.

Guide Price: (Land, 20 students + 2 guardians FOC) JPY245,000 per student.

Please click here to see testimonials from teachers, who have experienced our programmes, and contact us for more information and help in planning your own school trip with Walk Japan.

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