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Walk Japan’s School Trips are created for schools that would like to offer educational tours that allow their students to appreciate and enjoy Japan whilst also being active, contributing to wider society, and cultivating their academic skills.

All Walk Japan’s tours, including its School Trips, are grounded in the three principles of Entertainment (enjoyment), Interest (learning) and Efficiency (best use of time and money) and designed to allow participants to engage in a meaningful way with Japan, its people and their culture. Walk Japan’s School Trips also include the often required scholastic principals of creativity, action and service.

Deep at the heart of Walk Japan is a desire to enlighten others about Japan and the Japanese. This motivation is rooted in the origins of Walk Japan at Hong Kong University, where the company’s two founders, Tom Stanley and Richard Irving, were academics, experts, respectively, in Japanese history and Japanese social geography. They first began educational tours to Japan by bringing their students on field-study trips. It was these pioneering visits that provided the original inspiration for Walk Japan and its first tour, the Nakasendo Way.

Walk Japan, which was founded in 1992, created and led its first tour for schools in 1996, since when it has welcomed schools from many countries across Hong Kong, Singapore, North America, the Middle East, Central Asia and also Japan itself. Over the 20 and more years since its first educational tour, Walk Japan has established a range of enthralling and satisfying School Trips the programmes for which can either be used as is or tailor to a school's requirements.

For more about working with Walk Japan and School Trips, please see Planning your School Trip and sample School Trip programmes. Please also contact Walk Japan for further information.