Why Should Your School Work with Walk Japan?

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Why Should Your School Work with Walk Japan?

Planning a school trip is a process, one that needs to take into consideration a wide range of factors, including the activities students will engage with; the learning opportunities present, whether through service, adventure or cultural experiences; and student safety. But maybe the most critical element of planning a great school trip is finding a company with the local knowledge, contacts and expertise that can guarantee your students a memorable, enjoyable learning experience outside of the classroom.

So if your school is considering an overseas school trip to Japan, Walk Japan can help you create a trip you will be confident in offering to your students year after year.

Experienced Organizer and Leader of School Trips

Walk Japan has been organizing and operating dedicated school trips to Japan since 1996 when the company took high school age students from Hong Kong International School for their first trip based on Walk Japan's Nakasendo Way tour. Since then, Walk Japan has worked with more than 20 schools to lead trips of all sizes and purposes, including trips for graduating seniors, celebrations of school anniversaries and yearly trips that function as our partner schools' experiential learning programmes.

Dedication to Quality, From Start to Finish

Walk Japan has been providing acclaimed, quality tours for a quarter of a century. Our track record provides all of our customers, including schools, with the confidence that their tour will be an interesting, pleasurable experience and one of the best available anywhere in the world. The company has build this track record by ensuring all of our tours adhere to our principles, and the school trips we lead are no different. Every school we work with can rest assured they will have:

  1. Complete confidence in the result; a well-run trip that schools are confident in offering to their students;
  2. The complete handling by Walk Japan of all aspects of each tour, keeping the burden on schools, teachers and guardians to a minimum;
  3. A caring, effective and personalised service throughout the creation of, the lead-up to and the duration of the school trip by all Walk Japan staff;
  4. The most effective use of time available;
  5. Flexibility within the physical limits of the programme for individual participant’s requirements; and
  6. Satisfied participants who value and enjoy their time on the trip.

Knowledgeable, Entertaining Tour Leaders

A tour leader is the single most vital component for the success of any tour, including school programmes. At Walk Japan we set the benchmark for tour leaders in Japan and spend a great deal of time and resources not just for initial training to reach our high standards but also ongoing training to maintain them. Consequently, all our tour leaders are known not only for their skills in managing tours successfully but also in ably drawing out the vividness of Japan by placing all we see, experience and do in understandable, appreciable contexts. Our tour leaders have extensive experience working with junior high and high school students all the way up to university students, creating memorable experiences for students and teachers alike.

Ability to Provide Engaging Education Experiences

Whether your school is planning a trip centred around service, adventure or broadening your students' exposure to Japanese culture, Walk Japan has the flexibility in scheduling and variety of activities to meet your needs. From bringing in a tea master or folk singer to introduce your students to ancient Japanese traditions, to helping to improve local communities or maintaining trails, our company has the local expertise and organisational capacity to offer students activities which foster a sense of community, and a richer understanding of themselves and the world around them.

For more information on planning your school trip to Japan, you can find some of our sample trips here, or alternatively you can contact Walk Japan for a more personalised review of possibilities.

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