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Our tours include a variety accommodation including Japanese inns and hotels. This is to provide diverse insights into Japan and its people, but is also for logistical reasons, for example access to laundry facilities. Ryokan and minshuku, both of which are types of Japanese inns, are the most commonly used accommodation on our tours.

Japanese inns are particularly meaningful to our tours as they also provide us with tangible glimpses of the experiences of Japanese travellers of old, and offer an authentic and enjoyable experience. On our tours some of the inns are more rustic and atmospheric, while others more modern and luxurious. As is traditional, in some inns bathing and toilet facilities are shared but others have en-suite facilities. As is common in Japan, these facilities are spotlessly clean. Please note that these facilities are usually divided into male and female use and, where not, members of the opposite sex will never be expected to share at the same time. In some inns, however, facilities are available for couples to bathe together.

While Walk Japan is able to accommodate the rooming preferences of single travellers on the overwhelming majority of nights on tour, the intimate nature of a small number of accommodation providers means that very occasionally, single travellers may be required to share. These accommodation providers do not charge single occupancy fees to Walk Japan and as such, are not included in any single supplement charges made by Walk Japan. In the case that single travellers are required to share this will only ever be with another person of the same gender from the same tour group

Japan uses a 100v 50/60mhz electrical system. Electrical goods use the “American” (Type A) plug, with two vertical pins. If the device you wish to use says something like “100-240V, 50/60 Hz”, it will work anywhere in the world with the right plugs. This covers most, if not all, computers, iPads, mobile/cell phones and battery chargers.

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