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Programme Planning

Walk Japan has been operating school trips since 1996 and since then the company has developed a process for designing tour programmes that meet each individual school's requirements. After all, some schools may want their trip to focus more on service and giving back to society, other schools may want to immerse their students in the rich culture of Japan.

Walk Japan has the experience and flexibility in planning each school's programme to make sure that students, teachers and guardians participating in the school trip come back with incredible stories and valuable experiences. And it shows in the feedback we receive from schools we've worked with.

Creation & Delivery

When working with a school on developing a new trip, the general flow of progress from initial stages through delivery is to:

1. Meet with and understand what the school’s requirements are;

2. Provide a draft programme for discussion;

3. Revise the draft for acceptance by the school;

4. Finalise programme details for the trip;

5. Provide a pre-trip information pack detailing how the school and students join the tour, clothing checklist, itinerary, etc.;

6. Lead the programmed trip;

7. Follow up with the school after the programmed trip has concluded.

For schools interested in offering their students a trip to Japan, but unsure of where to begin their planning, Walk japan offers schools the choice of:

1. Using one of our original school programmes;

2. Using one of Walk Japan’s scheduled tours as the basis for the trip's programme;

3. Asking us to create a custom programme from the ground up tailored to the school’s needs. Walk Japan will solicit the school’s ideas of where they would like to go, what they would like to do and see, etc. Using this as a basis, Walk Japan will create a specific tour that provides a fulfilling experience.

Group size, participants’ ages and teachers/guardians

Walk Japan adapts its programmes for group size and age and welcomes groups of any size and students of any age. Currently, for our school programmes the groups vary in size from 20 to 60 students and in age from 13 years to post-graduate university students. Teachers and/or guardians accompanying the school trip do so free-of-charge (FOC) and usually at the ratio of one teacher or guardian for every ten students.


After leading school trips to Japan for over 20 years, Walk Japan has developed a variety of activities that students can participate in while on their trip. The list below gives schools an idea of the kind of activities available to help them decide which ones would best suit the requirements of the trip.

Culture & Creativity: One of the best ways to grow your understanding of a cuture is to participate in traditional arts and daily practices. Example activities include:

  • Ikebana flower arranging
  • Zazen sitting meditation
  • Takezaiku bamboo weaving
  • Chado tea ceremony
  • Weaving
  • Cooking Japanese cuisine
  • Singing traditional folk songs
  • Wadaiko Japanese drumming
  • Visiting places of cultural significance

Environment & Action: For a better understanding of how dependent we are on each other and our environment. Example activities are:

  • Planting and harvesting farm produce
  • Foraging for food in the wild
  • Walking and hiking
  • Planting trees, creating and caring for forests
  • Creating habitats for nature to thrive
  • Visiting places of cultural importance
  • Interacting with local communities and individuals
  • Home stays with Japanese families
  • Participation in Walk Japan’s Community Project

Service: Contribution proves the value of society and our place in it. Example activities are:

  • Revitalising disused farmland
  • Regenerating native forests
  • Maintaining trails
  • Lending a helping hand to local communities about their work

Wherever possible we also make room in our itineraries for less formal and leisurely pursuits such as visits to the grand spectacle of Sumo wrestling and a great favourite shopping.

If you would like to hear what teachers who have gone on one of our school trips have to say, you can read about their experiences here. You can also get a clearer idea of what one of Walk Japan's school trips look like by browsing our sample programmes for school trips.

Please contact Walk Japan for more information.

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