Talk Japan

Talk Japan: An online exploration of Japan

Walk Japan is pleased to introduce its Talk Japan series of online events providing in-depth and fascinating insights into a plethora of aspects of Japan, its history, culture and society drawn on the personal experience and expertise of Walk Japan's Tour Leaders and some of our friends, who also have deep knowledge about the nation. These talks, which are based on a series we have been running for our staff since the early days of the pandemic, provide an opportunity to enjoyably explore and connect with Japan from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking forward to travelling with us in the future, or are simply interested in the Japan, all are welcome to join us.

Walk Japan talks and seminars are delivered on a not-for-profit basis. When charged for, the cost of attendance helps us to pay presenters and sustain our Community Project during the pandemic period. Additionally, any attendance fees paid are redeemable against currently booked or future Walk Japan tours. 

Upcoming Events

Walk Japan and life on the Kunisaki Peninsula

Thursday 12th May, 11:00AM Japan Standard Time

This walk will be recorded and available to view on our Vimeo Channel a week after the event. 

Paul Christie, Walk Japan’s CEO, introduces our Community Project.

Formally begun in 2007, the Project has made significant progress in helping to revive a declining rural region on the beautiful Kunisaki Peninsula in Kyushu.

In his talk, Paul will share stories about how the Community Project came to be and its rationality in building a sustainable enterprise in an age of significant climate and social change. He will describe its importance to Walk Japan, its achievements and future prospects.

Paul first came to Japan in 1987 and moved to Kunisaki in 2002. He has a broad experience and understanding of Japan including the realities of life in rural Japan, its pleasures, opportunities and the occasional pitfall.

His talk, which includes many personal insights, will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about rural Japan, Walk Japan’s efforts at creating a sustainable enterprise, and those thinking about joining our Kunisaki Trek and Kunisaki Yufuin Walk. Both these tours include walks through the Community Project.

He will also describe how anyone interested can visit beyond the scope of tours, and the opportunities to become involved, both directly and indirectly.


This talk includes a 60-70 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes live Q&A time. 

On tour with John: The Tokaido Wayfarer

Wednesday 29th June, 11:00AM Japan Standard Time

This webinar will be recorded and available to view on our Vimeo Channel. 


John McBride, a Walk Japan Tour leader, will lead us on a virtual tour along one of Japan’s two greatest highways, the Tokaido, of the Edo Period (1603-1868). Together with the Nakasendo, these were the principal thoroughfares that connected the Shogun’s power base in Edo (today's Tokyo) with the Kyoto, the home of the imperial family.

Nihonbashi and Sanjo Ohashi, both famed bridges to this day in Japan, marked, respectively the eastern end and western end of the highways. Thereafter they diverged from one another with the Tokaido skirting the Pacific Ocean coast, while the Nakasendo threaded its way inland through mountains.

Both roads were much more than just conduits for travel. They became strategically, culturally and socially important arteries that brought forth guide books, comedic novels, and Japan’s iconic woodblock prints by the likes of Hiroshige. 

The Tokaido, in particular has a great hold on the Japanese public imagination, so much so that the first ever Shinkansen bullet train line, which also connects Tokyo with Kyoto, was named after it. However, by far and away its most famous motif is Mt. Fuji, which dominates the view for a large part of its central section.

John McBride has travelled extensively on foot along Japan’s old highways including the Tokaido. He intermingles these first-hand experiences with reference to The Illustrated Guide to the Tokaido (Tokaido Meisho-zue), which was first published in 1797, for an illuminating and enjoyable virtual exploration of the Tokaido.


John’s talk will appeal to anyone interested in Walk Japan in general, its Tokaido Trail and Self-guided Tokaido Wayfarer tours, and Japan at large.


This event includes a 60 minute presentation followed by 20-30 minutes live Q&A. 

Talk Japan On Demand

Should you be unavailable at the time of the live talks, or wish to watch at another time, recordings of talks can be rented and viewed below. 
Recordings can be rented individually via for 72 hours, some recordings are free and others have a rental cost of JPY500, alternatively the full series of talks can be rented together here. 
Please note that this fee is not redeemable against Walk Japan tours.