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Ada Au

B2B and Asia Private Group Sales

Ada has been an inveterate traveller and an enthusiast of Japan from her earliest years. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she was first taken overseas on a family trip to Hokkaido in her young teens. Here Ada discovered snow and skiing for the first time, and this experience, she says, was the beginning of her fascination with the nation. Regular family visits followed and by the time she reached her later teens Ada had also explored Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu. Prompted by her experiences on holiday and also a burgeoning passion for J-Pop and J-Rock she started studying the Japanese language.

Ada graduated in Applied Biology and first began work testing products for compliance with US and EU safety regulations. Her passion for travel, however, did not wane and during her 18 months at the testing laboratory she visited Hokkaido and Tohoku, and planned trips abroad for friends. Unsurprisingly, a career in the travel business beckoned and in 2013 Ada became a consultant at a travel agency in Hong Kong. She began sending customers all over the world and also took every opportunity to travel to Japan, making her way around 41 of the 47 prefectures. Out of her explorations, she considers the 8 hour hike to Jomon Sugi in Yakushima to be one of life’s most memorable.

A desire to focus her work solely on Japan, led Ada to Walk Japan, which she joined in 2015. Her initial year was spent working at the company’s office on the Kunisaki Peninsula in Kyushu, where she worked with Japanese colleagues and perfected her Japanese language skills. Ada is now based in Walk Japan’s head office in Hong Kong, where she focuses on sales, but remains a regular visitor to Japan on business and for pleasure.

In her free time Ada continues her Japanese studies. She is also known to be a gourmand and an avid enthusiast of Japanese indie music.